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An Evening of Comté Cheese


The eagle-eyed amongst you may be muttering ‘Comté is neither a British nor an Irish cheese’ and you are, of course, correct. When I was invited to an evening to find out more about the French cheese, I flip-flopped as to whether to attend. Eventually, I decided to cross the cheese Channel because a) I’ve got two children and I don’t get out much; b) Comté is a nice cheese; and c) I am interested in different production methods and systems, so thought it would be interesting to head to the mountains that we tend to lack this side of La Manche. Blame it on The Oxford Companion to Cheese; it’s got me sniffing after all manner of furrin cheeses.

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I was recently in France for a couple of weeks and it’s fair to say I ate a lot of cheese. A mammoth amount of cheese. An obscene amount of cheese. I took some photos of the cheese and was going to post them all on here but then realised that I would be in danger of looking like the weirdy neighbour in the 1970s that used to invite everyone over to show them their holiday slides over a coq au vin and a Wall’s Vienetta: ‘Here’s me paddling in the river eating some French bread and camembert…and here’s me in the scenic town of Perigueux with a brebis au fenugrec…just me lounging by the pool with a sliver of Roquefort…’ You get the picture. Hello, are you still there?
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Pont L’Évêque

As I sheltered under a shop awning, watching the hail bouncing off the pavements on an English ‘summer’ morning, my mind turned to sunny holidays and then narrowed it down to holidays that aren’t too far away, what with having to listen to small people asking ‘Are we there yet?’ for the entire journey. So, when I finally emerged back into the soggy street, I had decided upon France for my holidays and French cheese for this week’s fromage.
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