noun [ˈtu̇r-ə-ˌfī(-ə)l]

definition : a connoisseur of cheese : a cheese fancier

I grew up on a farm but now I live in London. And I am a turophile. But much as I would love to be a connoisseur, I can only call myself a fancier. This blog is about discovering cheese. I will try new and different cheeses. I will post recipes. I might lurk about in cheese shops and markets and post arty shots (although this is doubtful, considering my artistic skills). I might unearth little-known fascinating cheese facts for your delectation and delight. I might even make cheese and keep it in my filthy cellar.

Any comments, recommendations, general cheese-chat, please do get in touch.

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  1. terry

    Hi Cheeselovers. I made it to swansea. but i have made a big big mistake!! i went on the web on wednesday and found a plaice called the cheese boutique in swanse and that had loads of posh cheese there so i made a special trip here to buy expensive cheese. (i had saved up now I’ve given up the horses) i asked around everywhere and no one had heard of it so i went to the library and went on the web again and looked for the right adress and when i looked more i saw that it is swansea in canada!! So now i am stuck here till the bus leafs the station at 7. grrr

  2. terry

    hello everyone

    i have some very bad news from my dr. As you all know me i have been eating loads and loads of cheese now for awhile. Sometimes for three or more meals a day. Being Welsh I love a Welsh rarebit to start everyday and then a cheese sandwhich or toasted cheese sandwhich and then a cheese omelett or pizza (with extra cheese)! After I was doing this for a couple of months i noticedthat i was getting fat and that I was so tired sometimes that i couldnt make it up to the club sometimes for an early drink with the lads. My friend Gareth told me to go see my dr which i did. Dr Thomas asked me about if i smoked (no but sometimes my old dads pipe which i stuff full of tea leaves)) and drank (only two strongbow on the weekends) took my blood and things and then told me that I had something called hi colestral and i may be lacktose intolerantce! Basically all my lovely camenberts and cheddars have “clogged” me up and also i may have developed a kind of bad thing about milk. He said that i had to stop eating ALL CHEESE for 2 months!!!!!!! I havent had two hours with no cheese recently! He said that if i didn’t i may get iller and fatter. He gave me a card and a website to look at with vegetables and things on it. He said that i could eat as much of them as i wanted with no problems. but with no cheese on top! So here i am Cheeseless and hungry. I will let you know if i can start to eat cheeses again if i can if i get better.! And my eu cheese petition has only just gone online. No one has signed it yet but with all boris going and farage going and football and love island and things i guess that everyone has been busy. think of me when you are eating cheese and i am praying -properly to god-that i will be better soon.


    • Katie

      Terry, that is shocking news! Maybe you should eat more Caerphill(-y) for now but giving up cheese is an entirely awful idea, maybe eat in moderation?? I know I’d rather die happy and fat than miserable and skinny!

  3. terry

    terry here!! My doc said that after scaning me and running loads of testicles that i can eat cheese again! he said not much at first but three meals a week should be ok to start with. i am making a welsh rearbit for breakfast to celebrate. then a cheese sandwich for lunch! speak soon…..

  4. Katie

    Un-brie-lievable! Cheese can actually make you live longer! Terry forget what the doctor says because this is science. Chee(se)-licious http://metro.co.uk/2016/11/15/apparently-eating-cheese-could-be-the-key-to-a-longer-life-6258683/?ito=facebook

  5. terry

    THATS GRATE NEWS ABOUT CHEESE BEING GOOD FOR ME! THANK YOU FOR THAT. I didn’t believe what my doc said first as how can milk be bad for you when its from a cow. Anyway its friday cheese day today so i am having a camambert that my i read that you just put into the oven for a bit then iit melts then you put it on toast. sounds good to me….

    • Katie

      Exactly Terry How can Milk be bad for you?! Did you enjoy the camembert, I personally enjoy it with some onion chutney and crackers but I’ve heard bacon also works well

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