noun [ˈtu̇r-ə-ˌfī(-ə)l]

definition : a connoisseur of cheese : a cheese fancier

I grew up on a farm but now I live in London. And I am a turophile. But much as I would love to be a connoisseur, I can only call myself a fancier. This blog is about discovering cheese. I will try new and different cheeses. I will post recipes. I might lurk about in cheese shops and markets and post arty shots (although this is doubtful, considering my artistic skills). I might unearth little-known fascinating cheese facts for your delectation and delight. I might even make cheese and keep it in my filthy cellar.

Any comments, recommendations, general cheese-chat, please do get in touch.

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  1. How delightful!!!! Asides from some notable sooty-layered and truffle infused goat varieties, cheese over here in the US is bloody disappointing. When I visit family in the UK, I stock up and gobble down as much British and French cheese as I can – usually followed by a bout of severe lactose intolerance – but it’s so worth it! I love a cheek-puckeringly sharp Cheddar; Stilton; Wensleydale stuffed with those tart little chips of lemon rind – and Pont l’Eveque is an all time fave…you find out who your friends are when you open that one. OK, now my mouth is watering – thanks for being so cheesey and I look forward to your future blog posts 🙂

    • Thank you! I don’t know much about the US cheese scene although I seem to be following a lot of artisan producers on Twitter. Those are some lovely cheeses you like…and by a strange coincidence, tomorrow is Fromage Friday and I will be tasting a certain French cheese… 🙂

  2. Oh, and in case it didn’t come up, I’m ‘Edibletcetera’ 😉

  3. Hey FromageHomage, we’ve just launched a new supperclub, The Fondue Club, thought it might be up your alley 🙂 Check it out http://fondueclub.eventbrite.co.uk, let me know if you fancy coming along and I’ll see if I can do you a discount 🙂

    • Ooh that sounds fun (although if après-ski doesn’t immediately make you think of Wham!’s Last Christmas then I’m probably old enough to be your mother which is a worry). If you’re looking for N. London cheese, check out Wilde’s Urban Cheese http://wildescheese.co.uk/. Will have a nosey at your event and be in touch. p.s If it’s secret how do I know you won’t kill me?

  4. Sara

    Just wanted to say I love your blog!

  5. I have added your link to my blog. Cheers


  6. elamb

    Hi! I’ve nominated your blog for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Please feel no obligation to respond, you receive this award even if you choose not to send it on to other. Just know that your blog is read and enjoyed. If you are interested, you can read about your nomination in my post. Happy cooking! http://fooddaydreaming.wordpress.com/2013/07/20/blog-awards-kreativ-blogger-award/

    • Thank you, that is very kind. It’s always nice to know someone likes reading my ramblings. I will even (nearly) forgive you for not liking blue cheese 😉

      • elamb

        Ha, no matter how it’s prepared I just can’t get past the smell. I’m looking forward to seeing what next month’s cheese is!

  7. jenandjane

    Good to see it isn’t just aging members of Blur who can have a bash at making cheese… Great blog! We are new to blogging but thanks for stopping by http://quinoadiaries.wordpress.com/ – I’ll be sure to add some more cheese to my repertoire!

    • Thanks. If you like cheese (and nice food generally) and live in SE London, you should check out Cannon and Cannon in Brixton and Good Taste Food & Drink in Crystal Palace. Both amazing places for foodies.

  8. pursuitofhappieness

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is fantastic! I recently got into learning more about cheese while attempting to throw my versions of wine and cheese parties! Ah the possibilities 🙂

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have an excellent blog, I’m going to follow! I love cheese, so I’d love to see your cheese-scepades 😉

  10. I love all sorts of cheeses! Cool blog.

  11. elamb

    I just had to give you another award, but the cheese is more important, so feel free to ignore this if you need more time to write about cheese 🙂 I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award, so if you are interested please check out the link below for my post and the rules for accepting it. Please do not feel that you have to participate. Happy food blogging! http://fooddaydreaming.wordpress.com/2013/08/29/sunshine-award/

  12. Thanks for liking my post & checking out my blog!
    Your blog looks absolutely amazing…I think I need to spend a while reading about some tasty cheese! There goes the rest of my day!

  13. Your blog is great! I can find so many recipes with different kind of cheese and your combinations are just delightful..!!

    • Thank you. I try to come up with some different recipes but I’m not the world’s most accomplished cook. Fortunately there’s so many good cheeses to go for and it’s a pretty versatile ingredient.

  14. Hello! I just nominated your blog for The Liebster Award. All you have to do is visit my blog quicheandtell.wordpress.com for more information and the rules of the award. If you choose to accept this nomination, kindly include your answers to the following questions in your acceptance post:

    Why do you blog?
    Which 3 qualities best describe you?
    Do you eat to live or live to eat?
    Name one celebrity you would like to cook for.
    Can you think of one dish that would define your personality?
    Name 3 reasons why home cooks can be considered on par with chefs.
    If you had the money, name one cause that you would support.
    What is toughest challenge you face while cooking?
    What would your last meal on earth be?
    What is your dream holiday destination?
    Congratulations on the nomination! Happy cooking and blogging!


    Supriya Kutty


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  16. I LOVE this blog!! Everyone should pay homage to le fromage 😉

  17. Hi there!
    Love that you love cheese! Thanks for checking out my blog and the Ham and Gruyere recipe – love cooking with the creamy goodness. More recipes to come, so check in for our winter recipes. Cheers!

  18. Thanks so much for stopping by and liking my blog. As another cheese lover, I am delighted it led me to yours.

  19. Thanks for following my blog. I’m glad to discover yours. I love that word ‘turophile’ – hadn’t heard. I refer to myself as a curd-nerd and even have a ‘CHEESE’ bumper sticker on my car. Looking forward to following your adventures in cheese. Currently aging two goat cheese for the next 6 weeks. Take care!

  20. Thanks for following my blog. Pleased to learn of yours. Thanks for my new word ‘Turophile’…will be sure to use often. I refer to myself as a “curd-nerd” and have a Cheese bumper sticker on my car. Am currently making two aged goat cheeses. Will keep following your adventures. -Anya

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  22. Hi there, I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. I hope you don’t mind but I think your blog is wonderful and wanted to share this.

  23. I think I am in heaven! Lots and lots of people who love cheese as much as I do!

  24. elamb

    I love your blog and I am passing along the Blog of the Year 2013 Award to you. As usual, participation is optional. If interested, please visit this link: http://fooddaydreaming.wordpress.com/2013/11/18/awards/

    • Thanks so much:) I always love to see what you come up with for Cheese, Please! and knowing that people are actually interested keeps me on my toes too, trying to think of another interesting choice! Eek! 😉

      • elamb

        You’ve got heaps and heaps of cheese to go through, and coming back to already visited cheeses is never a bad thing! Just remember, no blue cheese 😉

  25. Hi, Just to say I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award as loving your blog!! http://goodfoodseeking.wordpress.com/2013/11/19/versatile-blogger-award

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  27. Hi! BBC1 & BBC2 here, we have nominated you for an award, please check out the details in this post of ours: http://britishblokescooking.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/sorry-we-cant-be-there-in-person/
    We look forward to your future posts!

  28. Dewi


    I’ve selected you for the Blog of the Year Award 2013. Check out the post below for more details 🙂


  29. Hello Turophile!
    I have nominated you for the WordPress “Liebster Award”. This is such a great blog and it should have a wider audience which is what this award helps to do. Acceptance is optional. A link to your blog and the rules for this award can be found on my post here – http://selmastable.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/awards-and-accolades-2013. Looking forward to reading your posts in 2014!

  30. Thank you so much for visiting my blog – now I’ve found yours and can enjoy your wonderful ‘fromage homage’ ☺️

  31. Just discovered your blog! So much fun, thanks! Looking forward to exploring your posts.

  32. What a lovely job you have done with this blog! I look forward to following you!

  33. Emma

    Just discovered your blog – brilliant , entertaining and useful! Having spent a few days in the Lake District I made my usual pilgrimage to Cartmel Cheeses in Cartmel (stating the obvious). A great cheese shop is a real find. Credit cards confiscated by husband, entered the shop filled with anticipation for the tantalising tastebud treats. As usual was not disappointed, the staff were very helpful and keen to let us try a range of cheeses. Following the tasting, I bought a wedge of Coolea, Ogleshield and a 40g Little Anne cheese. I am sharing the names of these cheeses as they are all British and the first two cheeses, I believe would work fantastically with fondu. Hope your next fondu night is a success…

    • Thanks for stopping by, Emma, and glad you like it here:) I have heard good things of Cartmel Cheeses. And I know what you mean about having the credit cards confiscated; I went to Borough Market and Neal’s Yard Dairy last week but only allowed myself a set sum! Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve tried Ogleshield in a fondue! It has the perfect consistency – the producer makes raclettes with it. Have also tried Coolea – so sweet, a really easy-eating cheese and, yes, I agree it would be good in a fondue. I’ve heard of Little Anne but haven’t tried it yet (I’ve tracked down a local supplier though!) Was it good? Do stop by again, I always love a cheesy chat and especially a recommendation.

  34. Hi! I´d like to pass the sunshine award on you, and I´d be happy if you accept it! I really like your blogging concept, and I also learnt the word turophile , never knew I was one till you came along. If you like, go there : http://www.mamangerie.com and see what the sunshine award is about…..Have a nice day, Sabine

  35. Wow, it seems to me that you are already both a connoisseur and a “fancier.” Looking forward to following your blog!

  36. milton

    Hi Cheese Lover!

    I am really onto cheese! My friend (Baldwynn) told me about it 7 years ago and ever since then I have come to love it all the more. My 3 favourites are Chedar, Emmentall, Mozeralla and Brie. What I like the most are the different textures and tastes that can be had through the cheeses that I buy. Often the ones that are in prepacked slices are not as good as that whole ones. I ALWAYS buy the most expensive that I can (Asda or Tesco) and I try to have them with a toast and sometimes jam with honey after work. Can I buy some of them of you as they look SO GOOD.! You’re photos and words are brilliant and I would love to take some that good as you sometime. Can I please send you some of my first trys with my old favourite cheeses? I write some of the newsletter at work and everyone says that its their best bit! Anyway hope to hear soon…..


    • Hi Terry, Always good to hear from other cheese lovers. You can buy some interesting cheeses in supermarkets these days – especially if you go to the deli counter (and then you can buy as little or as much as you want too!) Happy to hear about the cheeses you like.

  37. Sinfully Tempting

    Wonderful blog, I am also a cheese lover. Very glad I stumbled across it! 🙂

  38. Hey! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!!! I love your quirky experiences with cheese and all the info…and I am not a cheese lover!

    For more info, see the link here: http://kayles23blog.wordpress.com/awards/liebster-award/

    My questions for you to answer in point 2 are:
    1. What is the favourite post you have written on your blog?
    2. What is your favourite sandwich?
    3. What has been your favourite holiday and why?
    4. What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?
    5. What 3 items would you take with you to a desert island?
    6. What time or era would you go back to in a time machine?
    7. What is the favourite post that I have written on my blog?
    8. What does the word didactic mean?


  39. terry

    What is the favourite post you have written on your blog?
    2. What is your favourite sandwich?
    3. What has been your favourite holiday and why?
    4. What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?
    5. What 3 items would you take with you to a desert island?
    6. What time or era would you go back to in a time machine?
    7. What is the favourite post that I have written on my blog?
    8. What does the word didactic mean?Enjoy!

    Thanks for asking me these. I have been away in Pontefract in Baldwynns caravan so this is my first time back at the library internet station! I have missed your cheese news and now I am having a new one every friday in my lunch box. My mrs only likes me to have spam but I have put my foot down and i give her the name of the cheese i want on saturday before she goes to lidls so she can get me it. Yesterdays cheese was blue dolchatte which was creamy and good but the branstons she put in wasnt nice.

    So here are my quiz answers. I have though about them for a long time.

    My favorite sandwich is bacon with hp sauce

    My best holiday was when i was 18 when I went to Cardiff with my mother and we saw the cardiff bay water feature which i recomend to everyone.
    The bestist thing that some one has done for me is showing me the new cheeses here!!!
    I would take a welsh flag and mycat on to a island.
    in a time machine i would go back to the battle of hastings and watch alfred get an arrow in his eye!
    my favourite post are the cheese ones with nice pictures
    i don’t know what didatic is. sorry. but there are dictionaries here so i will have a look if i can…

    Thanks for keeping the cheesey flame burning bright.


  40. Hi there. This is to let you know that I have nominated you for a “Very Inspiring Blogger” award, and I hope you will accept. The rules associated with this award are summarised in this link:


    Keep up the good work, and happy new year!


  41. terry

    Hi Eveyone. Terry here. I have been busy eating all the cheese that I can recently. There was a little festival in Blackwood in ASDA car park where the manager put out a table with 8 cheese on and people tried them! It was very sucessfull but it was raining really hard (surprise)! so it wasnt very busy. anyway the manager decided to get them to pack it up early and as i had been there for 3 hours in the rain he said that i could take the leftovers home as they wouldnt be able to sell them now! wow! So in my frid I have a big plate with whats left of my 8 cheeses. The best two are a very salty stillton and a edam but the manager said that it was ‘old’ but i think that either it was supposed to be or it was just a bit old but it is orange and crunchy (is that ok)? I dont have much left now after as the festival was three weeks ago now but there is a bit of canadian chedder which has been in many of my lunches while ive been helping at the old peoples home. The manager said that I should try other foods too but at the moment i have just beenbuying breads and more cheese. I watched a programme ages ago where someone only ate cheese and onion crisps for EVER and they looked pretty good so it cant be that bad!!!

    • Wow, Terry – eight cheeses, that’s a great haul! Some people mature Edam-type cheeses for a long time and they go very hard, so I’m sure it will be fine – enjoy! I think I’d secretly quite like to live on cheese and onion crisps too… 😉

  42. I’ve just discovered your blog thanks to Mrs. Portly’s Kitchen. I might share you with a few friends in France who cling to the belief that we only do cheddar, preferably orange and shrink-wrapped, here in the UK.

  43. Hi! I’m nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please feel free to accept or decline; I’ll keep reading you whatever you do. Yours was one of the very first blogs I ever followed, and I still love it as much now as when I first saw it. 🙂

    • Thank you, that is very kind! I’ve been busy with work and full of cold and feeling guilty about neglecting the blog recently so it’s lovely to hear someone enjoys reading it 🙂

  44. I went looking for an email and I couldn’t find one, but I would like to nominate your blog for a Liebster Award. I just did a post about what the rules are etc.

  45. Giu

    Hello, would you please tell me where I can buy rennet in London? Better if Central London 🙂

  46. terry

    And can you Please tell me where to buy philadelphia cream cheese in swansea as i am going there soon. or I could take my own. All i have eaten all week is cream cheese (is it actually cheese?)!

  47. terry

    GR8! Getting on the bus in in one hour. maybenext time i will take a bus to philadelphia in america!!

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