May’s Cheese, Please! Recipe Blog Challenge – Cheeseonal and Seasonal

naughty sheep chutney

Horse and carriage. Fish and chips. Pepsi and Shirlie. Some things are just meant to go together. And one of those combinations is cheese and chutney, slathered together on a cracker or three. So this month I’m excited to say that one lucky cheesy cook will win a set of six chutneys from the Suffolk-based company The Naughty Sheep.

The Naughty Sheep is a quality jam, marmalade and chutney artisan factory, based in Ipswich. Their chutneys include: cucumber relish, red onion marmalade, plum chutney, piccalilli, Suffolk chutney, and bramley apple and mint chutney. Which would pretty much cover all your snacking needs until Christmas. And to stand a chance of snaffling them, all you have to do is share a blog recipe under the theme ‘Cheeseonal and Seasonal’.

May is a riot of seasonal foods. You can go for a hedgerow scrummage and find wild garlic, nettles, ground elder and elderflowers. Or, in the shops and markets, May sees the return of such gems as Jersey Royals, asparagus, spring lamb, samphire and watercress. (Unless, of course, you don’t live in the UK, in which case you could be plunging into winter with completely different foods!) Recipes can be sweet or savoury, snacks or meals, starters or puds, as long as they contain both cheese and one seasonal ingredient.

Want to take part in May’s Cheese, Please! Recipe Blog Challenge? The usual rules apply which can be found here.

Write a recipe post under the theme ‘Cheeseonal and Seasonal’ and post it on your blog or website. To be eligible for the competition, recipes must be submitted by midnight on May 29th 2014. The winner will be announced on May 30th 2014. The winner must send their address details to me to pass on to The Naughty Sheep so that they can post your prize; we promise not to keep them or do anything sinister with them.

The competition is only open to residents of the UK mainland – because chutney weighs a tonne. Again, this makes me wracked with guilt for those Cheese, Pleasers! in far and sunnier climes. I hope you will still share recipes and I promise I’ll make it up to you 🙂

There will only be one winner. Judge’s decision is final.

A link to this post and the Cheese, Please! button (code below) should be included in your post.

You can also tweet the link to me @fromhomage or email it to then I will pick it up and post a link on this page.

Fromage Homage

Entries so far:

Nettle Gnocchi with Cashel Blue Sauce
Asparagus Tarts, two ways
Honey Roasted Fig and Mascarpone Yoghurt Parfait
Smoked Cheese and Chive Beignets
Cheese-y Omelette Primavera
Mexican Cotija Corn
Elderflower Cheesecake
Hidden Cauliflower Cheese Pasta Sauce
Asparagus and Feta Cigars
Roasted Grape Tartlets with Mascarpone

Stilton, Nettle, Ground Elder and Spinach Eccles Cakes

Spicy Paneer Tikka, Feta and Watermelon, and Tricolore Salad
Wild Garlic and Hazelnut Pesto
Rhubarb Vanilla Compote with Baked Vanilla Cheesecake
Badass Smoky Chilli Cheese Beer Bread


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21 responses to “May’s Cheese, Please! Recipe Blog Challenge – Cheeseonal and Seasonal

  1. Lovely challenge. Off to get my thinking hat on . . .

  2. That’s a relief – no maggots required!

  3. Hmm winter produce….potatoes?? 🙂 Hopefully I’ll make it this month.

  4. I shall try to get one in this month. Just had our first asparagus from the allotment this weekend…

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  8. Oooh I’ve just the thing 🙂 I’m not eligible for the competition though, alas, as I’m an islander (although many south companies don’t realise that Royal Mail costs the same whether or not a parcel is posted next door to them or all the way to us up here in Shetland!)

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  12. Just entered Ms FromHom with button and link on my updated post – here is the link –

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