April’s Cheese, Please! Recipe Challenge Round-Up – Blue Cheese

Taste is a funny old thing. It’s easy to assume that if you love something with a passion that everyone else does too. But, of course, it doesn’t work that way. Children are a prime example: you think that your children are inestimably clever and funny but the person sitting next to you on the train for two hours thinks they are badly-behaved and precocious. And so it seems to be with blue cheese. I adore it and my fridge is never without a hunk. We consume kilos of the stuff and even the precocious children like it. So this month it was a shock to discover that lots of people don’t like blue cheese. Not only were there less recipes than usual but many people prefaced their blog post with ‘I don’t like blue cheese but…’ Nevertheless, several people gamely overcame their prejudices to cook up something lovely.


First along was Edibletcetera with a classic but delicious Sautéed Mushrooms with Garlic and Melted Stilton. Just crying out for some fresh, crusty dunking bread.

BLOG Mushrooms with Garlic & Stilton 007





Next up was Food Jam to share some Stuffed Chicken Breasts. Chicken combined with cheese-loving salami, tomatoes, blue cheese and Emmental, it’s a hearty, tasty meal.

Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Determined to fly the flag for blue cheese everywhere, I made some Stilton, Rosemary and Walnut Shortbread. Like a biscuit but with cheese in it rather than on it (although you could always slather some extra on top…)

stilton walnut rosemary shortbread
And then I was back again to fill what was looking like a blue cheese void, this time with Perl Las, Mushroom and Wild Leek Quiche. A Welsh cheese with mushrooms and the subtle garlicky taste of foraged wild leeks

Perl Las, Mushroom and Wild Leek Quiche

The first blue-cheese hater to be lured out of the shadows was The Garden Deli who shared her Yorkshire Blue Scones, combining lovely Yorkshire Blue cheese with the classic French herbs – parsley, tarragon, chervil and chives.






Close behind was another afeared of the blue stuff, The Pink Rose Bakery with her Mushroom and Cornish Blue Cheese Tart. Mushrooms, tarragon and Cornish Blue come together in a beautifully gothic-looking fluted tart.

Mushroom & Blue Cheese Tart 5 - The Pink Rose Bakery





I really was starting to feel like the only blue cheese-lover in the world by now, which wasn’t eased by the appearance of inveterate Stilton-loather Food Day-Dreaming, confronting her worst fears with Caramelised Pear and Blue Cheese Crostini. Pears, honey and blue cheese on walnut bread – sounds heavenly to me.


Finally I was joined by someone who didn’t appear to loathe blue cheese and Flippenblog shared not one but two cheesy delights. First up was her Fig and Blue Cheese Parcels, figs combined with South African Blue Rock cheese in crispy filo parcels. Mouth-stoppingly good.

Fig&Blue Cheese Parcels
Then another classic combination, with Baked Figs and Blue Cheese, sweet and salty and gooey and marvellous.

Baked figs and Blue cheese

And finally, Rhi’s Foodie Life brought us a dish for blue cheese lovers and hearty eaters everywhere, Beef, Beer and Blue Cheese Pie. Salty Stilton, chunks of beef and lashings of beer. What’s not to like?

Beef, Beer and Blue Cheese Pie - Dropped onto the plate!

A big thank you to everyone who shared their recipes this month, especially those who confronted their blue cheese fears just to enter Cheese, Please! I promise next month there will be nothing to be afraid of Sardinian Maggot’s Cheese, anyone?



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16 responses to “April’s Cheese, Please! Recipe Challenge Round-Up – Blue Cheese

  1. Some lovely recipes there to try. I do like blue cheese – sorry I didn’t manage an entry this month – time got away from me. *feeling blue*

  2. These all look great! The figs look gorgeous, as do your bikkies. How odd you mentioned that maggot cheese. I was thinking about that last night watching a TV cooking competition show and a contestant was making her own mozzarella. For some reason, I recalled a show where a bloke (think it was Will Studd, a famous cheese dude here) went to Sardinia to eat that cheese. Now there is a cheese you probably wouldn’t use in a cooking show!

  3. Sorry I didn’t enter this month. I really like blue cheese, and actually made two blue cheese dishes, but they were all eaten so there was nothing to photograph. Then we had a 10-day holiday in Australia (well, if you took three days leave) which took out the rest of the month …

    Can I dare you to make the maggot cheese next month’s challenge? 🙂

  4. Great recipe ideas. But I am shocked, nay, mortified… There are actually people who don’t like blue cheese? Are these people a different species? Is this some nefarious malady? Is there an immunisation programme for them… indeed, is there any hope for them?


  5. Brilliant round up with a great selection of recipes.

  6. Some wonderful recipes here – and thank you for including my ‘Garlic Mushrooms with Melted Stilton’ offering! 😉

  7. Oh wow, so much lovely cheese!!!!

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