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A Marbletree Cheeseboard and Belvoir Crumpets

Belvoir Crumpets port and stilton

I was feeling a bit put out the other week when someone ‘fed back’ to me that they thought the design of my blog was a bit awful and the photos were especially dreadful, partly because I always use the same plates. Now, don’t get me wrong, I concentrate on the writing and the cheese, I know I have the design skills of a mole in the dark and I still haven’t got a new camera after dropping mine a few weeks ago. So this feedback wasn’t a surprise. I even agreed. But still, you know, it hurt. So when I got an email from some nice people at a little company called Marbletree, asking if I would like to try out one of their cheeseboards, it seemed like very good timing. A nice new thing to show off the cheese on.
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The Perfect Autumn Cheeseboard?

I’ve been pondering when to write this post. Any piece of writing about autumn has to legally include the words ‘mists’ and ‘mellow fruitfulness’ but, although strictly speaking, autumn in the UK started last Sunday, I just haven’t been feeling it. It’s been too warm and not very misty, mellow or fruitful at all. Even the conkers aren’t ripe. But then, this morning, I saw this on my walk:

frosty spiderweb autumn cheeseboard

A dewy spider’s web in front of some browning acorns! Lo, it was a sign! I declare autumn officially open.
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The Perfect Summer Cheeseboard?

Believe it or not, last Friday’s Stonehenge hippy-fest marked the mid-point of summer. By now, we should have been frolicking in the sun for a good three months. In true British fashion, our shoulders should be criss-crossed with tan-lines and our feet all hobbit-hard from flip-flops. Myself, I haven’t taken my parka off since last September but every now and then the sun peeks out and I live in hope that warmer weather is on its way.

To many people summer cheese means feta in a salad and picking bits of scorched halloumi off the barbeque but what makes a good summer cheese? And – let’s get greedy – a good summer cheeseboard? I’ve learned that the basis of a good cheeseboard is three to five cheeses and a mixture of animals, texture and interest. And if all else fails, you can do worse than follow the rhyming advice of Blessed are the Cheesemakers: something old, something new, something goat and something blue.
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