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March’s Cheese, Please! Recipe Blog Challenge – Fresh Cheese

It’s March which over here in Blighty means it’s the start of Spring. Everyone is muttering ominously about snow but there are defiant little signs of life popping up everywhere. For instance, here are some tiny daffodils that managed to push their way through the cat poo in my garden; how cute are these:

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Paneer Nilgiri Korma


Much of this blog so far seems to have seen me wistfully wandering country lanes in a fog of elderflowers and bluebells. But the truth of it is that I live in the city, where urbanity meets suburbia. It’s not very pretty and sometimes it’s a bit noisy and scary. But in just a ten minute walk, the culinary world is at my fingertips. From kaffir lime leaves to mango powder, salt-fish to kecap manis, I can buy pretty much any ingredient from around the world. And above all, I can eat curry. In the space of a mile I can eat Sri Lankan curry, Pakistani curry, Indian curry, Caribbean curry, Nepalese curry, Bangladeshi curry. It’s fair to say if I’m not cooking with cheese, I’m cooking a curry. But this is a blog about cheese. Cheese and curry?
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And Lo, a Cheese is Born

Right then, how is this cheese stuff made then? A brief Google and a scary flashback to biology lessons at school told me the basics. Milk is heated and then curdled using some sort of acid and the resulting curds (solid bit) are separated from the whey (liquid bit). Bing, bang, bosh. But a brief brush with educational theory recently (don’t ask) taught me that the best learning is always through doing. So I decided to make some cheese. As you do.
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