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Baked Cheese, Ham and Spinach Pancakes

I came across a great recipe challenge recently on Belleau Kitchen. Geared around choosing a recipe at random from your stash of cookbooks (hence called ‘Random Recipes’) it seemed a fab idea. I’ve got a serious cookbook addiction but, like a lot of people, most of the time I cook from half a dozen favourites whilst the rest gather dust. Challenge yourself, I thought. So far, so good.

My first problem was the cheesy nature of my blog. I didn’t want to cheat but equally a recipe for Thai-marinated pork thighs or somesuch was going to look a bit out of place (and I wasn’t sure I could get away with just sprinkling a bit of parmesan on the top). The rules said if I chose a recipe I’d already cooked I could go to the next page, so I thought I’d just keep going until I found a cheesy one (apologies Belleau Kitchen for the complete mangling of your rules). I left out all the obvious non-cheese contenders (sorry Gok Wan) and made my selection and – huzzah! – Rick Stein’s Baked Cheese, Ham and Spinach Pancakes it was! Without a word of a lie, I didn’t even have to cheat.
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