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Inne’s Log Goat’s Cheese and Apple Tarts with Plum and Sloe Gin Sauce

Inne's Log Goat's Cheese and Apple Tarts with Plum Sloe Gin Sauce

Once I’d sampled some of my Innes Log last week, I was still left with quite a chunk and with the in-laws coming over and expecting sustenance, I decided to make some goat’s cheese tarts as a starter, also using up some of the windfall apples I was given recently.
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Innes Log

I was pleased as punch recently when ‘the real me’ won a selection of British cheeses from La Cremerie in a recipe competition with my Spenwood Soufflé with Blackberry Sauce. When they arrived (and I could smell them even before I opened the box – bliss!) I was even more pleased that one of them was from Staffordshire, county of my birth. I’d been searching for homeland cheeses for some time but with little luck. I had a brief flutter of excitement when I found a cheesemaker based around the corner from where I used to live but hope was dashed when I discovered that they’d ceased production. Then when I tried making Staffordshire Oatcakes for the first time, I wanted to use local cheddar but I may as well have been trying to get my hands on Novak Djokovic’s donkey cheese. I surrended my quest.
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