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Dorset Blue Vinny, Veggie and Bean Soup


Dorset Blue Vinny was the first cheese I ever wrote about on this blog. At that point, I was planning to find out about cheeses from all over the world but, as I researched the Vinny, I realised that, cheese-wise, there was enough history and variety on the British Isles to keep me going for some time. Nearly four years later and there’s still about 500 cheeses I have yet to track down!

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No real story behind why I chose Shipcord for this week’s cheese; I had heard its name and saw it in a cheese-mongers. Job done. I will admit that when I got it home and unwrapped it I felt a bit sulky as it looked like a cheddar. Not that there’s anything at all wrong with a good cheddar but, well, I was in the mood for a cheese with a certain je ne sais quoi and this didn’t look like that cheese. But stay with me, as the moral of this story involves judging, books and covers.

And here is Shipcord for you to judge:

shipcord cheese from suffolk
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Dorset Blue Vinny

It was always going to be hard to choose the first cheese to kick off my cheese odyssey. Where to begin? More than 700 British cheeses…at least 400 in France…Mauritanian Camel Cheese… Sardinian Rotting Maggot’s Cheese…

Dorset Blue Vinny won by managing to combine two of my favourite things: blue cheese (dribble) and Dorset, scene of many happy childhood holidays. It’s also a cheese that I’ve heard of but can’t remember ever tasting (I know, I know, but remember that I come to you if not a cheese virgin then certainly a cheese lover who’s only had a few fumbles with fromage).

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