Cheese, Please! – a challenge for September

Cheese, Please! is back and this month hosted by the lovely Garden Deli, so do go and check out this beautiful blog 🙂

The Garden Deli

I’m excited, honoured, and hugely nervous to be hosting this month’s Cheese, Please! blog challenge. It’s the first time The Garden Deli has been let loose with a blog challenge. But Jane from the brilliantly written blog Fromage Homage has trusted me with her cheesy challenge, so let’s see what we can do…


First up we need a theme. Over the past few weeks I’ve been watching trees full of fruit edge towards ripeness and pondering over what to do with it all. As a result, a theme of cheese n’ fruit springs to mind. Right now I’m looking for ideas to use apples, plums, pears and greengages. But don’t feel you need to limit yourself to these, or indeed just to autumn fruit… if you’re reading this in the southern hemisphere and have a glut of lemons on the tree why not share your recipe ideas. Or if you’re…

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3 responses to “Cheese, Please! – a challenge for September

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  2. Thanks for reblogging – there’s been a wee rush of visitors to The Garden Deli from your blog today!

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