January’s Cheese, Please! Challenge Round-up – Comfort Food and Winter Warmers

Crikey. January was certainly a month filled with warm, cheesy comfort. So much for the new year as a time of salad and juicing; I was inundated with people sharing their cheesy recipes. Thirty-four to be precise! I hope I haven’t missed anyone and apologies if I’ve misrepresented your recipe or made your photo look wonky in any way – this month’s round-up was a Herculean task. So without further ado – get yourself a comfy chair and a glass of something, you’ll be here for a while – here’s the round-up (and exciting news about February’s Challenge)…

First off the block was Flippenblog with her Baked Blue Cheese, a bit of a spin on a classic dish of melty cheesy loveliness.
Not baked blue cheese with topping

Le Food Snob was up next with Individual Mac and Cheese Pot Pies. Ever popular, but this one’s in a pie crust.


I pitched in with my own creation next, a British Cheese Fondue Night, the seventies suburban favourite but made with lovely British cheese.

british cheese fondue

All the way from over Le Manche, The Livarot Diaries shared their Pumpkin and Roquefort Risotto, a combination that can’t fail to be lovely.

Pumpkin and Roquefort risotto

Soups are a classic winter warmer and Caroline Makes came up with the goods with her Broccoli, Courgette and Stilton Soup, served with crispy bacon on the top.

Anne’s Kitchen was a new entrant this month, with a hearty, meaty, cheesy pasta dish, Sausage and Courgette Carbonara. One to ‘stick your ribs together’, as my mother would say.

Another new cheese challenger this month was Tinned Tomatoes who came with a simple classic, the Comfort Cheese Toastie. Unbeatable for cheesy simplicity, this one has a secret ingredient.

Sometimes comfort food needs to be something you can grab on the way out of the door and Now At Home provided this with her Parmesan Butter Tin Biscuits. Cheesy biscuits; pretty moreish, I suspect.


There’s nothing like cheese and pasta for when you need warming up and filling up and Kick at the Pantry Door hit the spot with Spaghetti Carbonara, an oldie but always a goodie.

A woman after my own heart, it was cheese-dipping night chez Good Food Seeking who shared her Cheese Fondue. Just cheese. On some bread. What more do you need?


Next up was some baking, as Food Jam provided some Cheese and Bacon Muffins. Blue cheese, bacon and onion in a perfectly grabbable handful.

Inside of the muffin

Sometimes it’s good to attempt to eat some vegetables with our cheesy comforters, especially when it’s a classy green, as in Mrs Portly’s Kitchen’s Chicory and Ham Gratin. Protein, calcium and one of your five a day. Job done.

Image of finished dish

More cheesy biscuits, you say? Not a problem for here’s The Pink Rose
Bakery with some Peanut, Apple and Cheese Cookies, an unusual combination but it works.

peanut, apple & cheese cookies

Cheese and bread – what could be better? Why, cheese in bread, of course, as proved (baking joke there) by Fab Food 4 All and this delicious Emmental Soda Bread

Quick, easy, cider, no buttermilk

It’s always a good idea to instil cheese-loving ways into your children early and this recipe by Eat Your Veg for Easy Peasy Meatballs is both easy and rather lovely-looking.

Eat Your Veg | Easy Peasy Meatballs Recipe

If peeling spuds is not your thing, then Jibber Jabber’s Lamb and Potato Bake may well be up your street with its layered potatoes. No mashing required and oodles of cheese.

Lynher Dairies – the makers of Yarg, no less – brought us an all-round Cornish treat with their Cornish Yarg and Cider Fondue. There’s really nothing like a fondue for winter warming.

You’ve heard of Cauliflower Cheese but Bangers and Mash shared something a little different with her Roast Cauliflower Cheese Soup. Gloriously cheesy and just asking for crusty bread.

roast cauliflower cheese soup

Risotto and cheese are always perfect bed-fellows but New Recipe Night tried for full-on perfection with his cheese choice to bring us Montgomery’s Cheddar Cheese Risotto.

If cheesy pastries are your thing then it’s worth checking out Torta di Rose’s Gruyere Popovers, which look like tempting little Yorkshire Puddings of loveliness.

Using up leftovers has never looked so appealing as demonstrated by Farmersgirl Kitchen and her cheesy, chickeny, beany and fajita-spiced Tortilla Bake.

Sometimes only melted cheese encased in pastry with a bit of sweet jam will do and when that day comes, turn to Food Day-Dreaming and her Brie En Croute.


There’s more cheesy pasta goodness from Caroline Makes and her Spinach and Cottage Cheese Cannelloni , a comforting yet healthy dish filled with super-food greens and low-fat cheese.

If dipping’s your thing, look no further than cheesy, salty, crispy Polenta Fries with Chilli BBQ Ranch Dressing from Put on Your Cake Pants. Cheesy chips essentially; what could be better?


Mac and Cheese is a comfort food classic but Cucinando adds a Mediterranean twist to her Spanish-inspired Mac and Cheese by using Jamon Iberico and Manchego and Asiago cheese.


If you like the taste of cheese but can’t or don’t eat cheese then check out the Taste Space and her Vegan Cheesy Chickpea Dip with Coconut Bacon. Yes, that’s right – coconut bacon, made with maple syrup and smoked paprika.

Vegan Cheddar Bacon Dip

On the other hand if only meat meets your requirements for comfort food, then Searching for Spice shared her Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Roule, a melty, meaty, oozy dish of fowl and fromage.

roule stuffed chicken (500x301)

To celebrate Australia Day, Saucy Gander shared with us the cross-cultural wonder that is Not Quite Poutine Meets Vegemite, where ‘Italian’ polenta chips take on a ‘Canadian’ poutine made with Australian vegemite!


It’s two for the price of one from Easy Italian Cuisine who shares a simple pasta supper dish with her Pasta with Ricotta, Zucchini and Parmesan


and also provides the perfect accompanying dessert with an Italian Cheesecake with Ricotta and Mascarpone. Cheese for main and pud – perfect.


Some cheesy dishes just scream out ‘comfort food’ and one of them is Tartiflette. Combining cheese, potatoes, wine and smoked bacon with some healthy greens, Delicieux brings us her Tartiflette with Broccoli.

Tartiflette with Broccoli

Taming Twins shared another ‘pimped up’ classic with her Roasted Garlic One Pot Macaroni Cheese, which uses roasted garlic and pancetta for something a little different.

Roasted Garlic One Pan Macaroni Cheese

If all the cheesy, creamy dishes are proving too much then Edible Things can help the five-a-day count with her A Summer Soup for Winter. Packed with vegetables, pulses and pasta, it’s then dolloped with fragrant, cheesy pistou.

Winter Vegetable Soupe au Pistou

Meat and cheese can be a funny combination but these Luscious Pork Chops from Mrs Portly’s Kitchen look pretty darn good in their sauce of cheese, cream, wine and peppercorns. Both comforting and warming, it’s a perfect recipe to bring this month’s round-up to a close.

Image of chops served with boiled potatoes and leeks

Phew-ee, thanks to everyone for sharing their dishes this month. So many lovely recipes and something to please everyone. There will be a new theme for February so look out on Saturday for details and…drum roll…build up suspense…keep ’em waiting…for the first time in the stingy history of Cheese, Please! there will be a prize and it’s a rather lovely one…


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25 responses to “January’s Cheese, Please! Challenge Round-up – Comfort Food and Winter Warmers

  1. Thank you for the lovely challenge! Now we have a lot of recipes to try ouT 🙂

  2. Lovely round-up.. with a ton of inspiration. 🙂

  3. Wow, so many… a Herculean task indeed. I admire your stamina, oh, and the recipes. Next month, I’ll have to add to the problem.


  4. Such creative cooks… my mouth is watering.. just looking at all of these lovely meals. I’m so inspired, and this comes at the perfect time, when I’m looking for warm and hearty meals to prepare! Love this.. ❤

  5. Such lovely recipes. I’m going to enjoy a browse through some of them now.

  6. Wonderful! An inspirational roundup! Thank you so much 🙂

  7. I loved joining the challenge at last!

  8. Thanks for a great round up, I’ve really enjoyed going through them all this month. And as the cold winter finally kicks in over here, it looks as though I might be needing a few of these.

  9. Great cheese party! 2014 is starting to look like the year of the fondue. 😀

  10. Some gorgeous-looking recipes there. I’m looking forward to trying some of them – in fact I hardly know where to start. Maybe with a defibrillator? 😉

  11. What a deliciously comforting round-up – I so need a bowl of something warm and cheesy now after reading through that little lot!

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