The Great Big Fromage Homage Christmas Cheese Quiz

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks what with one thing and another and, sadly, for the first time ever I have had to neglect the blog (and reading everyone else’s too – apologies). New Year will see me return full of cheesy vim and vigour but, in the meantime, I thought I would lead everyone into the festive spirit by sharing the cheeses I have bought for Christmas. And – as if that wasn’t exciting enough – now is the time to see who has been listening and who has been sitting at the back of the class flicking rubbers and writing rude verse in the back of their exercise book. Cheese quiz!

So, here are nine cheeses. Seven of them are British, two of them are foreign interlopers. Eight of them have featured on the blog before in one way or another. Seven of them I’m going to scoff myself, two of them I bought for a friend (just so you don’t think I’m a complete pig). Score yourself one point for identifying the cheese and a bonus point if you can get the producer, where one is named (the most you can score is sixteen points). It’s just for fun so have a bash and I’ll reveal the results when all the cheeses have been guessed or during the boring bit between Christmas and New Year, whichever comes first. Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas. Ready…Steady…Guess that Cheese!

Cheese One – Mimolette


Cheese Two – Cornish Yarg


Cheese Three – Tymsboro


Cheese Four – three-year old Comte


Cheese Five – Baron Bigod


Cheese Six – Colston Bassett Stilton


Cheese Seven – Sparkenhoe


Cheese Eight – Cotherstone


Cheese Nine – Cave-Aged Cheddar




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14 responses to “The Great Big Fromage Homage Christmas Cheese Quiz

  1. Oh dear. All my school reports said “could try harder; spends too much time looking out of the window”. I have been paying attention, honestly. Um – I’ll come back to this after I’ve painted the cupboard ….

  2. I am blaming my lack of retention on getting older – those grey cells seem to be having a holiday without me! Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2015 – looking forward to more cheesy vim and vigour and this time I will sit at the front of the class! x

  3. OK, so I’ll open myself to professional derision and get the guessing going! I reckon I can spot (in no particular order) Cornish Yarg, Mimolette, cave-aged cheddar, Sparkenhoe Red Leicester, Tymsboro, Stichelton (or Young Buck?!)…

  4. I actually never realized that England had so many cheeses!!!

  5. I am not even going to attempt this quiz! Great idea though 🙂

  6. Have no clue what cheese 1 is but it looks like a slice of melon! And I want it!

  7. Well, I recognise some of them but can not remember their names!
    Wishing you a very Merry and Cheesy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  8. lesrecettesdupanier

    I knew some of them but not all the lot! Thanks for extend my cheese knowledge! 😉

    Bises, Anne.

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